Tax representation

Why a tax representative?

Do you operate in Italy but do not have a permanent establishment there? Do you want to hire an employee in Italy to prospect for new clients? Do you store goods with a subcontractor?

Local tax authorities require you to have a Tax Identification Number (Codice Fiscale in Italy).

You are then subject to certain declarative obligations such as, for example, deductions at source for your employee or intra-community declarations.

What is a tax representative?

The representative acts under the exclusive responsibility of the mandating taxpayer who alone remains liable for the tax. Thus, in the event that the agent does not fulfil or only partially fulfils the reporting and payment formalities entrusted to them, the mandating Community taxpayer is responsible for the omitted formalities, just as they are responsible for any failure of restitution by the agent for an overpayment. 

Any Community taxpayer wishing to use a tax agent must send the original of the mandate to the competent tax department, prior to the first administrative procedure. This mandate must be exclusive, signed by a person authorised to commit the company, and accepted by the agent. 

SORECO can be such a tax agent since, in this case, it is the client who remains liable for the tax, the agent being only an intermediary.