Drafting of contracts and leases

The SORECO lawyers advise you in all areas of commercial law:

  • commercial contracts (study, negotiation and drafting),
  • transfer of a business,
  • dispute resolution,
  • debt collection,
  • distribution contracts,
  • study and drafting of the general conditions of sale,
  • franchise contracts.

And, in particular, our firm supports our clients with respect to commercial lease issues in Italy :

  • study and negotiation of the commercial lease contract,
  • drafting of the commercial lease contract,¬†
  • transfer of the right to the lease,
  • contract renewal,
  • termination of the lease.

We also intervene during the term of the lease contract in the following situations:

  • litigation related to the execution of the contract (non-payment, contractual non-compliance, etc.),
  • litigation related to the renewal of the contract,
  • assistance in the revision of the contractual conditions.